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Farmer’s Market in San Antonio

Reminiscing About the San Antonio Pearl Farmer’s Market

A week ago today I was sitting amidst the San Antonio Pearl Farmer’s Market, eating eggs, German sausage, pork belly and sautéed kale from Ming’s Thing (nah, I didn’t eat the bread).

The rest of the family enjoyed empanadas from Yapa Artisan Empanadas, and they were delish as well!


If I could do the I Dream of Jeannie thing where I fold my arms, nod my head and blink my eyes to get somewhere, that would be me this morning. Man, I miss the aromas, energy and pure healthiness of that Farmer’s Market!
Farmer's Market


About the San Antonio Pearl Farmer’s Market

The San Antonio Pearl Farmer’s Market is a producers only farmers market meaning that each vendor can only sell what they produce on their farm. All Pearl Farmers Market vendors are located within a 150 mile radius of San Antonio, Texas, providing fresh, local, and seasonal products that they themselves planted, raised, and harvested.

This is great because it means that foods are local and in-season. I’ve been to plenty of Farmer’s Markets where distributors are allowed. You have to really question them to make sure you’re purchasing local goods.

While there this past weekend, the vendors were selling wide and varied items including animal products, fermented foods, dairy, fruits and vegetables, bone broth, cleaning supplies and personal care products.

If I lived in San Antonio, I would be there every. single. weekend.

A Place the Whole Family Will Love

There is something for everyone at the Pearl Farmer’s Market.

My kids loved trying new foods, petting people’s animals and watching the crowds.


My husband enjoyed the farmer’s market coffee and perusing the beer and wine selections at Larder, a neighborhood grocery and prepared foods market located inside Hotel Emma (that’s him in the bottom left corner).


Have you ever been here? What other farmer’s markets are worth visiting?

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