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Nutrition for Kids by Kids

Nutrition for Kids

Children don’t listen most of the time. Or do they? After 10 years of parenthood, I know they’re little sponges, soaking up everything.

We’ve all experienced letting loose a curse word in traffic with a little person in the backseat. It doesn’t seem like she heard you, right? Then at the most inappropriate time (like in church), she throws that fun little expletive out there for the world to hear, giggling gleefully at your embarrassment. Sponges…they really don’t miss a thing.

nutrition for kidsThe other day, I tested my boys’ knowledge about nutrition for kids. I was pleasantly surprised by their answers, proving again that they do hear me. My hope is that when they’re grown, this knowledge is put to use.

Use this video to frame how you talk to your kids about food. It’s not about weight or aesthetic traits. Nutrition for kids is about health. It’s choosing food to grow tall, run fast and be strong. It’s teaching them where food comes from and what it does inside their body.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Learn how to talk to your kids about food.

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