Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

We all need healthy breakfast ideas, right?

At this point in parenthood, I strive for a semblance of balance when it comes to what my kids eat. We eat real, nutrient-dense food at home. They can choose to eat or not. When we go out, I let them make their own decisions. Do they always make good ones? Absolutely not! My goal is to eat at home the majority of the time, so that the bad food choices are minimized as much as possible. I’m pretty tricky, huh?

When they were toddlers, it was so much easier to control their diets. Now that they’re in grade school, it’s So. Much. Harder. School lunches, advertising, peer pressure…all this works against me. What 10 year old boy wants to eat scrambled eggs, omelets and healthy smoothies when toaster waffles, powdered donuts and Pop Tarts are all the rage?

In the video below, I tell you how I got my own kids to quit cereal and look forward to healthier options. Additionally, I give you plenty of healthy breakfast ideas to replace cold breakfast cereal.

Before we go further…do you know how cereal is made? Do you know why it’s unhealthy? Have you considered that it’s contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic? Here are some great articles on these topics: MindBodyGreen, The Healthy Home Economist and Mamavation.

Watch this video for tips on kids’ health.

Below are the four basic steps used to quit cereal. Watch the video for additional tips to implement the steps.

  1. Don’t tell them your intentions!
  2. Allow one box of Honey Nut Cheerios.
  3. Switch to plain Cheerios sweetened with raw, local honey.
  4. Provide balanced options.

All of the recipes in my Cereal-Less Breakfasts Guide are kid-tested and approved. These are staples in my kitchen, and I want to share them with you. The guide includes recipes for:

  • Kid’s Omelet
  • Kid’s Smoothie
  • Easy Oven Bacon
  • German Pancake
  • Taco Quiche

Click HERE now to get your FREE Cereal-Less Breakfast Guide. Let me know what you think below!

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